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        Design Description of Curtain Wall Project of
        I. Overview of Project
        01.  Name of Project: Curtain Wall Project of Baotou International Convention & Exhibition Center
        02.  Place of Project: the West of Jianhua South Road, Baotou City
        03.  Architect: Shanghai Jiang Huancheng Architectural Design Co., Ltd
        04.  Building Height: 31.760M
        05.  Building Storey: 3 Storeys
        06.  Main Structural Form: Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure
        07.  Terrain Roughness Category: Class B
        08.  Fire-Proof Grade of Building: 1st Degree
        09.  Seismic Fortification Intensity: 8th Degree
        II. Main Decoration Items
        The curtain wall project of Baotou International Convention & Exhibition Center includes the outside finish projects such as glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, aluminum composite panel, aluminum single sheet, aluminum alloy thermal insulating window and etc. The details include the following:
        1) Vertical hidden and horizontal exposed frame Low-e coated insulating glass curtain wall
        2) Stone curtain wall, stone cladding column
        3) Aluminum composite panel curtain wall
        4) Aluminum single sheet
        5) Spot connecting glass curtain wall
        6) Spot glass awning
        7) Aluminum alloy thermal insulating window